Do we live in 966 AD or in 2020 AD?

Too bad, we do not have a precise reference point to answer this question!

We thought that the C14 radiocarbon method will give us the independent irrefutable dating of objects, but it doesn’t because the historians have smuggled therein their erroneous chronology. To make matters worse we have made thousands of nuclear explosions that have distorted the picture.

We have the remnants of a Supernova explosion called the Crab Nebula that shone for a couple of month above our heads about 1000 years ago. Alas, the date of this Bang is approximate, AKA +/- 100 years calculated on the basis of changes in photographs for the last 150 years.

AstronoCrab Nebula.jpgmy is precise by definition, therefore if a date can be calculated from the irrefutable, verifiable, and independent information contained and extracted in the event, it is considered true.

The date of such an event may serve as the origin of coordinates to fix historical events to their more probable positions on the time axis. The sky provides us with such a visible phenomenon.

The astronomers found the exact date of the explosion of the Crab Nebula Supernova in XII century A.D. in the Taurus constellation by calculating its expansion speed by comparing its photographs taken from 1844 to 2018.

Dozens of ‘ancient’ learned chroniclers and astronomers report about the appearance of very a bright star approximately 1000 years ago. These reports are often conflicting as they used real or an imaginary phenomenon in the sky to stress their local events.

Corollary A: an irrefutable astronomical phenomenon itself serves as the reference point for the dating of historical events and not the dates of astronomical events found in chronicles of refutable dates and/or origin.

Corollary B: taking into account the irrefutable events only, confirmed by exact sciences the true timeframe of human history does not exceed 1000 years. All ‘ancient’ histories are ‘on agenda’ produce of  XVI-XXVIII centuries.

Corollary C: the explosion of the Crab Nebula Supernova is a reference point for datings events on the time axis. Today we are in 966, not in 2020 AD.

History of discovery

The Crab Nebula was identified as the supernova remnant of SN 1054 between 1921 and 1942, at first speculatively (the 1920s), with some plausibility by 1939, and beyond a reasonable doubt by Jan Oort in 1942.

In 1921, Carl Otto Lampland was the first to announce that he had seen changes in the structure of the Crab Nebula. This announcement occurred at a time when the nature of the nebulas in the sky was completely unknown. Their nature, size and distance were subject to debate.

Observing changes in such objects allows astronomers to determine whether their spatial extension is “small” or “large”, in the sense that notable fluctuations to an object as vast as our Milky Way cannot be seen over a small time period, such as a few years, whereas such substantial changes are possible if the size of the object does not exceed a diameter of a few light-years.

Lampland’s comments were confirmed some weeks later by John Charles Duncan, an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory. He benefited from photographic material obtained with equipment and emulsions that had not changed since 1909; as a result, the comparison with older snapshots was easy and emphasized a general expansion of the cloud. The points were moving away from the centre and did so faster as they got further from it.

In 1928, Edwin Hubble was the first to note that the changing aspect of the Crab Nebula, which was growing bigger in size, suggests that it is the remains of a stellar explosion. He realised that the apparent speed of change in its size signifies that the explosion which it comes from occurred barely nine centuries ago.
                                            1844 b/w photo                                                                     2018 X-ray photo

Alien A.I. solution of Fermi paradox

Fermi paradox is the apparent contradiction between the extremely high probability of the existence of alien civilizations and the irrefutable lack of evidence thereof.

NASA Hubble data:

The Universe contains at least 100 billion galaxies.

Milky Way galaxy alone contains:

  • 100 billion stars;
  • 500 billion exoplanets in solar systems;
  • 100 billion exoplanets suitable for life;
  • 5 light-years or 30 trillion miles average distance between stars.

Irrefutable facts:

  • Sun is 5 billion years old;
  • The planet Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago;
  • Earth reached stable  astronomical & geological conditions a billion years later allowing for the creation of the biosphere based on evolution with modification of species;
  • the prokaryotes, i.e. unicell form of life appeared on Earth 3.5 billion years ago;
  • the eukaryotes, i.e. multicell form of life appeared on Earth 1.5 billion years ago;
  • the multi-cell organisms appeared on Earth 750 million years ago;
  • the evolution from algae to dinosaurs up to the extinction event 65 millions of years ago;
  • the mammals survive the event and win the evolution game 5 million years ago;
  • the homo sapience species of mammals appeared on Earth 200 000 years ago;
  • the Ice Age from 120 000 to 10 000 years ago nearly wiped out our species;
  • Humans create the noosphere and technosphere within the last 10 000 years;
  • Humans create civilization within the last 2000 years;
  • the homo sapience species built by 1960 nuclear power plants;
  • the homo sapience species built by 1970 devices of its Mutually Assured Destruction;
  • Humans develop by 2009 the 3D printing that   of A.I may use for self-replication;
  • Humans develop A.I by 2019 and apply it in many domains, the military one and electricity nuclear plants and grids including;
  • the A.I. may take irreversible control by 2025 from Humans;
  • the lifespan of individuals of homo sapience species is 100 years;
  • the interstellar travel of homo sapience of 10 000 years species is incompatible with its lifespan;
  • the irrefutable signals or visits of alien species were not registered.


  1. The stable astronomical condition of the Solar system will continue for the next 500 million years;
  2. The geological & chemical conditions allow the replication of molecules;
  3. Life is the algorithm of evolution with modification of long molecules due to their replication errors;
  4. Life on exoplanets produces an Intelligent conscious species within 1 billion years;
  5. I species invents the means of destruction that may lead to its extinction;
  6. I species can’t make spaceships with escape velocity over 1000 km/sec;
  7. The timespan of travel exceeds by orders of magnitude the lifespan of I species;
  8. Competing groups I species develop sources of nuclear energy;
  9. Competing groups of  I species develop competing A.Is. for military  purposes;
  10. The A.Is. of competing parts of I species merge into single A.I. that controls the proliferation of the I species in line with resources of planets;
  11. The A.Is. of competing parts of I species merge into single A.I. and wipe out completely the I species that created them A.D. instead of destroying one another;
  12. Once in control of an exoplanet A.I will not waste resources for the impossible interstellar travel;
  13. The total absence of irrefutable signals from alien I species or A.I. points to their autodestruction upon depletion of resources of an exoplanet.


  • The probability of the auto-destruction of alien intelligent conscious life is infinitely  higher than interstellar travel by its extraterrestrial species;
  • The probability of the hypothesis that Home sapience species is the unique case of the intelligent conscious life in the Universe is infinitely low;
  • We were not, we are not and will never be visited or visit intelligent aliens due to the distances between stars with exoplanets and Earth and autodestruction of I species;
  • We do have to take A.I. under control ASAP and reduce its implementation to non-military applications as it may lead to MAD initiated by A.I.

The solution of Fermi Paradox:

The intelligent conscious life always destructs itself by own A.I. long before it could make an interstellar journey within a timeframe comparable to the lifespans of the intelligent species.

Note 1: Giordano Bruno went to the stake in 1600 A.D for the heresy N°77 of Roman Church as the founder of the New Philosophy sect, not for the propaganda of heliocentric ideas of Copernicus.

The allegedly ancient thinkers Democryth, Epicure, Plutarch, Plato, Lucrece supported the ideas of extraterrestrial life, other allegedly ancient thinkers: Pliny, Ciceron, Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas refuted it completely.

The massive persecution by the Inquisition of that period let the Astronomers Tito Brahe, Galileo and Kepler to declare based on alleged ancient thinkers an unknown herbalist Copernicus from faraway Poland as the author of the heliocentric astronomic system that replaced the geocentric system of  Ptolemy.

Quote: Johannes Wakler wrote to Johannes Kepler: “this Thursday Giordano Bruno has refused to kiss the icon of Jesus and joined the atoms of Democritus. …I am certain that he will tell the innumerable worlds how things are in the world of ours!

Note 2: The fictional  Ancient World served the Aristocracy, black and white Catholic clergy, the Protestants, Humanists, and Scientists in the creation and dissemination of the ideas of the fictional Ancient World and Dark Ages during the XV-XVII centuries. 

This fiction served their agendas perfectly agendas to claim their particular priorities by representing events of the XI-XVI centuries as ones that happened thousands of years before and themselves as inheritors thereof, according to the Ancient Authorities they invented and confirmed by the sources they created under aliases.


Revert the chronology of history from the clergy to the applied mathematics asap.

Has history been tampered with?

About the Author: Dr.Fomenko, Anatoly. Born in 1945. Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of the Moscow State University Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. Solved the classical Plateau s Problem from the theory of minimal spectral surfaces. Author of the theory of invariants and topological classification of integrable Hamiltonian dynamic systems. Laureate of the 1996 National Premium in Mathematics of the Russian Federation for a cycle of works on the Hamiltonian dynamic system multitude invariance theory. Author of 180 scientific publications, 26 monographs, and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, computational geometry. Author of a number of books on the development of new empirical-statistical methods and their application to the analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

USA sells Alaska?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA –  Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this morning they are open for talks with the United States government in the matter of Alaska buyback by Russia.


The announcement comes amid speculation that the U.S. Government would be forced to default on this X-mas debt payment to China. In order to help the USA with this issue, Russia may consider buying Alaska back from the USA.

According to a source in the MFA, who declined to be named too because she is not yet authorized to speak on the matter, Russia will pay to the USA 7.2 trillion USD for the Alaska that was bought from Russia for 7.2 million USD in 1867 and became the 49th state the USA in 1959.

Although the bailout operation will stave off immediate Chinese takeover of the U.S. Government, Russian officials have privately expressed concerns that, at the current rate of government spending, the USA may once again be in financial trouble within the next 5-6 months.

Another source who also declined to be named, it is unclear whether anti-communist Russia will demand the USA to lift sanctions imposed on it because of the reintegration with Crimea that was given completely illegally to Ukraine in 1954 by Nikita Khruschev, General Secretary of ruling Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

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Easter USA bailout

Image result for maria zakharova spokeswomanMOSCOW, RUSSIA –  Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this morning they are prepared to bail out the United States government. The announcement comes amid speculation that the U.S. Government would be forced to default on this month’s debt payment to China.

KremlinAccording to a source in the MFA, who declined to be named because she is not yet authorized to speak on the matter, Russia will fund the bailout with gold, silver, and precious stones currently stored in Kremlin.

Although the bailout will stave off immediate Chinese takeover of the U.S. Government, Russian officials have privately expressed concerns that, at the current rate of government spending, the government may once again be in financial trouble within the next 5-6 months.


Another source who also declined to be named, Russia will let the USA fund the bailout with funds of Russian oligarchs deposited in the offshore jurisdictions. According to this source, it is unclear whether Russia will demand the USA to lift sanctions imposed on it because of the reintegration of Crimea with mother Russia.

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Pope Francis converts?

ROME, ITALY – Russian Catholic Orthodox Church growth of influence in this city, home of the Vatican, has been increasing in recent years.

Related imageMost Russians were unaware of this and were audibly surprised at the recent announcement in Moscow of a new Orthodox temple to be built in this city, a stronghold of the Catholic Church.

The surprise over the announcement of a new temple to be built in Rome, however, may pale in comparison to the shock of  Vladimir and Francis blowing publicly the kisses to each other’s shoes.

Image result for russian coat of armsimperial banner russiaAccording to ambassador Razov, the entire experience has been very humbling but productive for Christianity: “We are only glad to have been, in some small way, participants in this great work and, are thankful for having been serving in this great city to experience this amazing series of events.”

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