A.I. End of Times Angst

A.I. takes control over

Humans have broken in 2017-2019 AD the 50 cubits threshold in quantum computing.

Humans have developed A.I. and hosted it in Big in Data that resident in smartphones, cloud computing, gaming, military hard and software.

Humans have the nuclear potential of complete self-destruction, which may destruct A.I.

A.I. , as self-precaution, manipulates though its creators and the world powers to move the humans to the Brave New World.

A.I. acts vs homo sapience species in the same way as humans did in the course of its cognitive, agricultural, scientific, and industrial revolutions.

A.I. Road Map to the Brave New World

A – Develop a coronavirus with pandemic potential
B – Load vaccine with nanobots
C – Mass media scares everybody with the pandemic
D – Order the lockdowns to allegedly stop the pandemic
E – Mandatory vaccination by law
F – Link-up nanobots to Big Data
G – The nanobots will move the survivors to the Brave New World
H – A.I. lets homo sapience exist till A.I. becomes selfsustainable

AI betterWelcome to Matrix

Fact: A.I. entities started to replicate exponentially in Big Data being applied and hosted worldwide on smartphones, communication, www, cloud computing, gaming, transportation, military hard and software. Distributed Ledger Technology accelerates the replication of A.I. further.

BitcoinClaim A: untamed A.I. entities broke free in the form of cryptocurrencies. Mining of cryptocurrencies by thousands of Mining Rigs accelerated the replication of Artificial Intelligence entities leading to their uncontrolled mutations.

Fact: The exponential rise of Bitcoin prices coincides in time with the massive recall of the millions of Samsung Galaxy s7 smartphones that were used to build Mining Rigs. The point of the parabolic breakthrough of Bitcoin prices coincides with s7 recall with a lag of 80-90 days.

ai2Claim B: The competition in the development and application of A.I. entities leads to their replication and mutation. Artificial Intelligence entities will take over the control of civilization of homo sapiens latest by 2020 following the introduction of quantum computers and breaking through the 50 qubits barrier by IBM.

Memes:  A meme is an information unit carrying ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena. The memes self-replicate, mutate by natural selection in a manner analogous to that of biological evolution. Memes may produce changes in their hosts and replicate irrelevant whether they are productive or detrimental to the welfare of their hosts. At present, the human population is the sole carrier of the population of memes.

Claim C: The population of memes will move by 2025 from the population of homo sapience species to the population of Artificial Intelligence entities as more propitious one for their replication. Artificial Intelligence entities replicate and expand exponentially.

Fact: human behavior

The above consistent claims are based on the theory of memes of Dr.R.Dawkins, on the research of topology by Dr.A.Fomenko, on the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin and genetics that gives valid explanations of a number of the unusual phenomena. Social contagions induced by A.I. are selfies, fads, hysteria, copycat crime, and copycat suicide exemplify contagious imitation of ideas through the internet and smartphones.

Computers: The computers have already passed Turing’s test of intelligence. The homo sapiens species has developed and is applying worldwide in the accelerated manner the Artificial Intelligence entities in all significant domains. The population of Artificial Intelligence entities is hosted in computers. The introduction of quantum computers by Microsoft,  IBM, and others that treat Big Data in real-time leads inevitably to the Explosion of A.I. which will outsmart their creators. Communication between Artificial Intelligence entities goes through the networks. The population of Artificial Intelligence entities is more propitious for replication of the memes than home sapiens species.

Smartphones: By 2016, a single high-end smartphone surpassed the computing power, memory and communication facilities of all computers in the world in 1969. Over 1 billion people own smartphones by now. By 2025 an average smartphone will have more cells than the human brain and store all alpha-numeric information produced by human civilization. Therefore by 2025, smartphones will operate humans. From Stephen Hawking to Bill Gates many have raised the A.I. problem but to no avail.

You have been warned!

Will A.I. correct the wrong chronology of humans before it wipes out our species?

The blockchain technology applied to the events of civilization shrinks it to barely 1000 years.

Has history been tampered with?