In 2020 A.I. moves us to Brave New World by manipulating the world powers to save humans with vaccines loaded with RFID nanobots.

Free Road Map to the Brave New World
A – Develop a coronavirus with pandemic potential
B – Load vaccine for Covid-19 with a RFID nanobots
C – Mass media scares everybody with the pandemic
D – Order the lockdowns to stop the pandemic
E – Assure that lockdowns won’t ruin livelihoods or economy
F – Persuade vaccination is the true protection from pandemic
G – Mandatory vaccination by law
H – Upload real-time data from RFIDs nanochips to Big Data
I – The nanobots will move the survivors to the Brave New World

What’s the difference between a cow and the crucifixion?

You can’t milk a cow for 2,000 years.

If Jesus was born today

atf-7volumes-jc-667The Issue with Chronology (History: Fiction or Science?) (Volume 1)