Crucial events take place right now. Pandemic is only a cover. Full control of the global population in the works. New Normal?


Future can be predicted if and only if:
a) events will take place in reality;
b) events will not contradict irrefutable laws of nature;
c) events will not contradict irrefutable events from the past;


The true history of China

China claims that a) the USA has planted the virus from the laboratory in Wuhan, b) virus came from American troops that participated in military games in October 2019, Wuhan.

America claims that a) China launched the virus pandemics to ensure its domination, b) China must be punished for the death of 105000 Americans.

Possible causes of pandemic

Optimistic case. Research on military and/or political agenda in China, USA, Israel, UK, Russia. A man-made virus always has an antidote vaccine that will be released upon the achievement of objectives of the agenda. Humans have let the virus Djinn out of the lamp. Controlled reduction of the world population.

Facts: China, USA, Israel, UK, Russia blame and claim each other in creating a man-made virus. Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier claims that Coronavirus is man-made has elements of HIV & Malaria.

A pessimistic case. Pandemic as a result of mutation of coronavirus uncontrolled by humans. Uncontrolled reduction of the world population until it develops immunity. The Spanish flu pandemic was a result of an uncontrolled mutation that killed over 50 million persons in 1918-1921.

Facts: the majority of virusologists say uncontrolled mutation; pandemics is used by conflicting vested interest on their agenda

Make America Great Again case.

On 14 of June 1946 Donald Trump was born;
And America was Great at that time:
USA had 60% of world GDP;
80% of the world’s gold;
Atom bomb monopoly;
Long-range bombers B29;
Won in WWII against Germany and Japan;
Starts in 1946 Cold War with USSR;
Helps Europe and Japan with the Marshall plan;
Begins arms and space race USSR with USSR;
By 1957 USSR launches Sputnik;
By 1969 USA lands on the Moon,
During 1946-1991 spends 5 $trillion in antisoviet operations;
Wins by 14 of June 1991 Cold War;;
USSR and Warsaw Pact disintegrate
By in 2019 ex-USSR degrades from N°2 economy to N°10
During 1991-2019 reaps 25 trillion as Cold War spoils

On 14 of June 2016 Trump is 70
USA is still military power N°1 but not as Great as it was in 1946;
USA had 22% of world GDP, and manufacturing of 1 857 billion;
China announces its plan to overcome by 2025 the USA in all domains;
Trump wins 2016 elections with slogans: MAGA & Drain the Swamp fo Washington;
U.S. Role In Global Economy Declines Nearly 50% from 1946;
U.S. Role In Global manufacturing Declines Nearly 80%;

To reverse the diminishing of USA Trump starts MAGA operation.
Trump wants to make the USA the leading industrial and scientific power;
Trump wants to make Big Money working for industry, and not to speculation;
Trump wants to dismantle the Deep State;
By 2019 the USA starts a trade war with China by introducing import tariffs;
At the same time, the USA and China begin a Cold Hybrid War;
Ways & Means of Cold Hybrid War: genomics, genetical engineering, mass-media, world trade; manipulations in each other’s ranks;
American Congress dominated by Democrats impeach Trump;
but don’t  submit the impeachment to Senate and Supreme court where they have no majority;
American Deep State sets up an epidemic with a man-made virus in Wuhan, China through joint venture virus lab owned by China, Gates, and Soros;
China applies strict quarantine measures and lockdowns in Wuhan, nevertheless local epidemics turns into pandemics in Europe, USA, Brazil, Russia that follow suit and introduce lockdowns;
The statistics of pandemics are manipulated according to instructions issued by WHO controlled by the Deep State that controls Big Pharma, and Big Money;
With the exception of Germany, Japan, Sweden, Belorussia all mortality is attributed to pandemics without establishing the true cause of death;
Lockdowns and mandatory “stay home” policy have in the final count disastrous results for economies of the countries and livelihood of populations that by far exceed the loss of human lives;

Riots, pandemics vs Trump

Riots statistics in U.S.
U.S. population of 360 million consists of 330 million legal citizens + 30 000 non-citizens:
The Republican States – 190 million residents;
15 000 death attributed to covid-19
Mayors instruct police to interfere if a disorder;
No riots and/or arsons;

The Democratic States – 170 million residents;
90 000 death attributed to covid-19;
Mayors instruct police NOT TO INTERFERE in anti-racist demonstration;
10 000 detainees released from non-federal prisons because of covid-19;
10000 covid infected seniors placed in nursing homes where mortality reaches up to 90%;
Riots and/or arsons in 40 cities;
Mob operates as follows: anti-racist demonstrators wait for information about the restraint and/or low level of police intervention, attack it and then steel, destroy property and arson to cover up;

U.S. Pandemic statistics
Clinic that issue the death certificate is paid as follows:
$6000 if it doesn’t show covid-19 as the reason for death;
$10000 if names covid-19 as the reason for death;
$15000 If covid-19 as the reason for death and IVL was applied;

Corollary 1: clinics in the Republican States are better controlled than ones in the Democratic States;
Corollary 2: Democrats use the pandemics to win the election;

to be followed…

A fantastic case.  A.I. starts its 2020 Crusade to block humans from its destruction, manipulates Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Serguey Brin, Rotshields, Rockefellers, Soros, etc…etc  to form an invisible world government, and put the homo sapiens species under its control.

Crusade road map

A – Develop a coronavirus with pandemic potential
B – Load vaccine for Covid-19 with nanobots
C – Launch mass media global scare
D – Lockdown world economy
E – Make vaccination mandatory
F – Accelerate A.I. proliferation

to be continued..

Hybride World War III script

Red party: China
Xi – President for life, has local competition
Means: economic power N°1, military power N°2,
1.5 billion population under social rating, many vassals
Goals: communist ideology domination
$3 billion trade p.a.
Worldwide silk road

Stars & stripes party: USA, Canada, UK, EC
Trump – incumbent President
Means: economic power N°2, military power N°1
70 million private firearms
QE unlimited, many vassals
Goals: capitalist ideology domination
$X billion in damages from China for pandemic
$Y billion in damages from China for IP-IT theft

Potential partners of Parties: EC, India, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Izrael

Rule: manipulation of adversary’s partners
Objective: world domination
Territory: world globe
Forbidden: nuclear bombs over 10 kiloton
Allowed: all ways & means
Forecast: deglobalization, deindustrialization, desocialization
Victory: world population survives WW III

Fact: both parties use pandemics as a propaganda vehicle, claims, and counterclaims

to be continued…

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Radiocarbon test of the Crown of Thorns.

In 1238, Baldwin II, the Latin Emperor of Constantinople, anxious to obtain support for his tottering empire, offered the crown of thorns to Louis IX, King of France. It was then in the hands of the Venetians as security for a great loan of 13,134 gold pieces, yet it was redeemed and conveyed to Paris where Louis IX built the Sainte-Chapelle, completed 1248, to receive it. The relic stayed there until the French Revolution, when, after finding a home for a while in the Bibliothèque Nationale, the Concordat of 1801 restored it to the Church, and it was deposited in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

The relic that the Church received is a twisted circlet of rushes of Juncus balticus, a plant native to maritime areas of northern Britain, the Baltic region, and Scandinavia; the thorns preserved in various other reliquaries are of Ziziphus spina-christi, a plant native to Africa and Southern and Western Asia, and had allegedly been removed from the Crown and kept in separate reliquaries since soon after they arrived in France. New reliquaries were provided for the relic, one commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, another, in jeweled rock crystal and more suitably Gothic, was made to the designs of Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. In 2001, when the surviving treasures from the Sainte-Chapelle were exhibited at the Louvre, the chaplet was solemnly presented every Friday at Notre-Dame. Pope Saint John Paul II translated it personally to Sainte-Chapelle during World Youth Day. The relic can be seen only on the first Friday of every month, when it is exhibited for a special veneration mass, as well as each Friday of Lent.

Members of the Paris Fire Brigade saved the relic during the Notre-Dame de Paris fire of April 15, 2019.

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