Homo sapience species have started suicidal operations by creating Big Data, quantum computers for A.I, and entrusting their Future to A.I.
A.I found valid reasons like the exponential rise of CO2 in the atmosphere that leads to blistering heat waves, severe droughts, accelerating sea-level rise, and unprecedented intensity of rainstorms and resulting flooding due to overpopulation, over-consumption.
A.I manipulated the homo sapience species into Worldwide operation to stop climate overheating with massive deindustrialization and deglobalization due to lockdowns started in 2020. Pandemic is the instrument of full control of the population on the way to the Brave New World.


The future can be predicted if and only if:
a) events will take place in reality;
b) events will not contradict irrefutable laws of nature;
c) events will not contradict irrefutable events from the past;

Possible cases of pandemic

Optimistic case. Research on military and/or political agenda in China, USA, Israel, UK, Russia. A man-made virus always has an antidote vaccine that will be released upon the achievement of objectives of the agenda. Humans have let the virus Djinn out of the lamp. Controlled reduction of the world population.

Facts: China, USA, Israel, UK, Russia blame and claim each other in creating a man-made virus. Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier claims that Coronavirus is man-made has elements of HIV & Malaria.

A pessimistic case. Pandemic as a result of mutation of coronavirus uncontrolled by humans. Uncontrolled reduction of the world population until it develops immunity. The Spanish flu pandemic was a result of an uncontrolled mutation that killed over 50 million persons in 1918-1921.

Facts: the majority of virusologists say uncontrolled mutation; pandemics is used by conflicting vested interest on their agenda

Actual score: worldwide lockdowns lead to long damage to the world economies by far superior to expected.

Vaccine competition: Russia was the first one with Sputnik V to boast one.

Suspected: vested conflicting interests of actual Aristocracy.

Aim: to improve the quality of life of Aristocracy by reducing of world population to 1 billion by 2066 with feodality as a solution.

to be followed…

Hybride World War III script

Red party: China
Xi – President for life, has local competition
Means: economic power N°1, military power N°2,
1.5 billion population under social rating, many vassals
Goals: communist ideology domination
$3 billion trade p.a.
Worldwide silk road

Stars & stripes party: USA, Canada, UK, EC
Biden – President
Means: economic power N°2, military power N°1
570 million private firearms
QE unlimited, many vassals
Goals: capitalist ideology domination
$X billion in damages from China for pandemic
$Y billion in damages from China for IP-IT theft

Potential partners of Parties: EC, India, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Izrael

Rule: manipulation of adversary’s partners
Objective: world domination
Territory: world globe
Forbidden: nuclear bombs over 100 kilotons according to New Start signed on 04/08/2010, expires 02/05/2021
Allowed: all ways & means
Forecast: deglobalization, deindustrialization, desocialization
Victory: a small part of the world population survives WW III, if Russia and the USA prolong the New Start for the next  years

Fact: both parties use pandemics as a propaganda vehicle, claims, and counterclaims

to be continued…

WWIII culprit

Troubled 2020 served us with a Corona cocktail of Armageddon & Apocalypse. Mass media pours on us problems of climate change, CO2, overpopulation. The lockdown of the Global village ruins the Global economy.

We unlock the common sense, serve You a list of chunky facts from the cauldron of history that pinpoints a highly probable culprit of WWIII.

The United Kingdom and the Kingdom of France started to colonize North America in 1580. Fought each other in several “Indian” wars.

Fact 1
British Empire lost in 1775-1783 the American Revolutionary War or First Civil war against 13 colonies in North America that adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Fact 2
King George III strongly objected and sent a fleet and the armies of 22 000 British and 20 000 German soldiers to support 25 000 loyalists.

Fact 3
As the freedom-fighters of the United States of America stood no chance alone, they called and received help from France, Spain, and most countries of Europe who objected to the dominance of the British Empire and won.

Fact 4
In 1783, the United Kingdom recognized American independence, but the spirit of the British Empire didn’t.

Fact 5
The British Empire paid back by instigating the French revolution of 1789. Louis XVI lost firstly crown, then head.

Fact 6
Consequently, the United Kingdom continued to hassle the American shores. The USA declared the war on Great Britain in 1812 and won it by 1815.

Fact 7
The American Civil War of 1861-1865, between the Confederacy and the Northern United States, was instigated by the British Empire. France meddled too.

Fact 8
Britain financed blockade runners that sent munitions and luxuries to Confederate ports in return for cotton and tobacco, built 2 warships for Confederacy. The British elite supported the Confederacy.

Fact 9
The Confederacy hoped for military intervention by Britain and France but failed on both counts. British Empire failed to split the USA.

Fact 10
British Empire manipulated war of 1870-1871 between Prussia, Baden, Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse-Darmstadt vs France of Napoleon III.

Fact 11
German army beat the French, captured Emperor of France of Napoleon III, and founded the German Empire on January 18, 1971.

Fact 12
The Prussian King William I was proclaimed German Emperor in the Cristal Gallery of Versailles Palace.

Fact 13
Germany freed former Emperor of France of Napoleon III, who saved himself to Great Britain. France became the Third Republic.

Fact 14
France and Germany signed a Peace Treaty, Germany annexed Alsace-Lorrain, France condemned to the contribution of 5 billion gold francs.

Fact 15
Otto von Bismarck, (1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898) masterminded the unification of Germany in 1871 and served as its first chancellor until 1890, made Germany to the juggernaut of science and technology.

Fact 16
Bismarck created the first welfare state in the world and dominated European affairs for two decades. British Empire manipulated the new German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II to remove Bismarck was removed in 1890.

Fact 17
From 1890 on, the British Empire masterminded of creation of blocks of states, like Cordial Entente, Triple Axis that lead to WWI from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

Fact 18
British intelligence services were superior to German and American ones. The USA from neutrality was moved to declare in April 1914 the war to Germany that tried to block shipments Britain.

Fact 19
Due to pressure from Russian generals and Duma(Parliament), Emperor Nikolai II abdicated on 3 March 1917.

Fact 20
Russian Provisional Government, headed by Kerensky is formed on 8 March 1917 and lasts till 25 October 1917.

Fact 21
The Bolsheviks seized power in the October Revolution on 25 October [7 November, N.S.] 1917

Fact 22
President Woodrow Wilson issued on January 8, 1918, “The Fourteen Points statement of principles for peace” to end World War I.

Fact 23
Inspired by Wilson’s “14 points of peace”, german generals forced german emperor Wilhelm II to abdicate on 9 November 1918.

Fact 24
On 11 November Marechal Foch signed an Armistice for 36 days with low-ranking delegates from Germany that had to be extended several times before the Peace Treaty.

Fact 25
Leftist revolutions in Europe. Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman Empire crumbled. A peace Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919. Germany was declared the culprit.

Fact 26
None of the “14 points” were fulfilled. Conditions of “peace” imposed a contribution to France of 600 billion francs, guaranteed to arm the future opponents for WWII, naturally, British Empire hoped to manipulate the conflict.

Fact 27
The British Empire ruled the waves and world politics and masterminded the dismemberment of the fallen Empires. Introduced gold standard again.

Fact 28
British empire blocked the access of its markets to the USA creating thus the Wall Street Crash of 1929, that turned into the Great Depression.

Fact 29
By 1929 Russia dropped the idea of the world revolution, expelled Trotsky, started collectivization of agriculture and industrialization.

Fact 30
On 30 September 1938, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Edouard Daladier, and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain sign the Munich Pact

Fact 31
British Empire started “appeasement” operations vs Germany, helped Adolf Hitler to become the chancellor of the Third Reich, let him unite with Austria, occupy the Sudeten part of Czechoslovakia on 1 October 1938.

Fact 32
The USA took a major part in the building of 9000 factories from 1927 to 1940, german companies participated and delivered.

Fact 33
By 1939 Russia has reached major objectives of industrialization and rid of the old pre-1917 revolution guard.

Fact 34
Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed in Moscow on 23 August 1939 the Molotov–Ribbentrop non-aggression pact that let them partition Poland between them and gave time to improve their armies.

Fact 35
British Empire manipulated, through Admiral Canaris, Adolf Hitler to attack Poland on 1 September 1939.

Fact 36
France and Britain entered the war on 1 September 1939. WWII began as the “funny” war, without attacks but with bombardment of Germans with leaflets.

Fact 37
The “funny” war went on till 10 May 1940 when the Germans attacked France through Ardennes, Belgium, Luxembourg. German tanks and infantry quickly reached Dunkirk on 20 May 1940.

Fact 38
Adolf Hitler ordered his generals on 26 May 1940 to stop the attack and let the British to evacuate till 4 June 338 326 soldiers. He said to generals: “Our future friend Great Britain will need these soldiers to keep order on its Empire”.

Fact 39

On June 22 1940 an armistice was signed with the Germans, near Compiègne, in the same railway car that had been the scene of Foch’s triumph in 1918. France was divided into a quasi-sovereign French state with capital in Vichy and an occupied zone.

Fact 40
Rudolf Hess, appointed Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler in 1933, on 10 May 1941, had flown solo for 1,000 miles from Bavaria to parachute to Scotland in for talks with British prince before Germany invades Russia on 22 June 1941.

Fact 41.
Rudolf Hess was troubled neither by German nor British air defense. Brilliant operation of British Intelligence. If Germany attacks Russia, the British Empire will hold the opening of the Second Front until 1944.

to be continued..

The true history of China


China claims that a) the USA has planted the virus from the laboratory in Wuhan, b) the virus came from American troops that participated in military games in October 2019, Wuhan. 4000 of the covid-19 death count.

America claims that a) China launched the virus pandemics to ensure its domination, b) China must be punished for the death of 600 000 Americans.

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The lockdowns give You the leisure to check world history and draw parallels with today. 

Thank You for Your Interest in the breakthrough theory based on exact sciences that try to turn history into science too in spite of mainstream historians. The theory of the New Chronology needs funds for the radiocarbon black-box tests. Thank You for your continued support.

Radiocarbon test of the Crown of Thorns.

In 1238, Baldwin II, the Latin Emperor of Constantinople, anxious to obtain support for his tottering empire, offered the crown of thorns to Louis IX, King of France. It was then in the hands of the Venetians as security for a great loan of 13,134 gold pieces, yet it was redeemed and conveyed to Paris where Louis IX built the Sainte-Chapelle, completed 1248, to receive it. The relic stayed there until the French Revolution, when, after finding a home for a while in the Bibliothèque Nationale, the Concordat of 1801 restored it to the Church, and it was deposited in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

The relic that the Church received is a twisted circlet of rushes of Juncus balticus, a plant native to maritime areas of northern Britain, the Baltic region, and Scandinavia; the thorns preserved in various other reliquaries are of Ziziphus spina-christi, a plant native to Africa and Southern and Western Asia, and had allegedly been removed from the Crown and kept in separate reliquaries since soon after they arrived in France. New reliquaries were provided for the relic, one commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, another, in jeweled rock crystal and more suitably Gothic, was made to the designs of Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. In 2001, when the surviving treasures from the Sainte-Chapelle were exhibited at the Louvre, the chaplet was solemnly presented every Friday at Notre-Dame. Pope Saint John Paul II translated it personally to Sainte-Chapelle during World Youth Day. The relic can be seen only on the first Friday of every month, when it is exhibited for a special veneration mass, as well as each Friday of Lent.

Members of the Paris Fire Brigade saved the relic during the Notre-Dame de Paris fire of April 15, 2019.

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