Jesus, at the Nazareth school

Jesus, a pupil at the Nazareth school, returns home with his report card, which is frankly not very good. His mother has already seen the wrong bulletin but has not said anything preferring to meditate all these things in his heart. However, today, the most difficult thing remains to come: it must be shown to Joseph.


Image result for Jesus, at the Nazareth schoolFrom: Simeon School of Nazareth
Recipients: Joseph and Marie David

Subject: Bulletin of Jesus
– Mathematics: Can do almost nothing, except multiply loaves of bread and fish.
– Meaning of addition: Is not acquired; affirms that he and his Father are one.
– Scripture: Never has his notebooks and pencils; is obliged to write on the sand.
– Geography: Has no sense of direction; affirms that there is only one way and that he leads to his Father.
– Chemistry: Do not do the requested exercises; as soon as your back is turned, turns the water into wine to make his friends laugh.
– Physical Education: Instead of learning to swim like everyone else, he walks on the water.
– Oral expression: Big difficulties to speak clearly; expresses itself in the form of parables.
– Order: Lost all his belongings at school and declare, without shame, that he does not even have a stone for a pillow.
– Conduct: An unfortunate tendency to frequent foreigners, the poor, mangy and even prostitutes.

Joseph, knowing that it can not last, that he must take severe measures, says:
– Well, my little Jesus, since it’s like that, you can make a cross on your Easter holidays!

Has history been tampered with?