Pope Francis converts?

Coronavirus to write off the world debt


World powers have found a cool solution for writing off global debt. Indeed, The top borrowers in the world – the United States, China, Europe, and Japan—account for 3/4 of global debt, exceeding by 50% their share of global output.

Ways and Means for debtor nations:

a) Create and/or use a flu pandemic;

b) Declare the pandemic as a force majeure;

c) delete your nations debts;

Check this:

a) expected infection (I) up to 3.75, AKA 50% of 7.5 billion;

b) expected death rate of 3% from corona flu; (D);

c) expected number of death I x D = 112.5 million,

AKA compares well with Spanish flu 1918-20

Fact: an annual average of 500 000 flu deaths in 2009-2019;


Under the cloak of a big pandemic, the world powers will deglobalize and restructure world production and trade and sweep under carpet 500 trillion of debt and some senior population.

ROME, ITALY – Russian Catholic Orthodox Church growth of influence in this city, home of the Vatican, has been increasing in recent years.

Related imageMost Russians were unaware of this and were audibly surprised at the recent announcement in Moscow of a new Orthodox temple to be built in this city, a stronghold of the Catholic Church.

The surprise over the announcement of a new temple to be built in Rome, however, may pale in comparison to the shock of  Vladimir and Francis blowing publicly the kisses to each other’s shoes.

Image result for russian coat of armsimperial banner russiaAccording to ambassador Razov, the entire experience has been very humbling but productive for Christianity: “We are only glad to have been, in some small way, participants in this great work and, are thankful for having been serving in this great city to experience this amazing series of events.”

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